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If you like Bohemian style items, accessories relating to yoga, meditation and mindfulness- go ahead and visit Trinket Fascinations online shop!

This unique shop is a place to connect with your inner voice- and accessorize accordingly- with beautiful Bohemian style jewelry – like special boho rings, unique friendship bracelets, special trinkets, and even body jewelry.

trinketfascinations fashion accessories for bohemian style women

On top of the bohemian style that controls this shop’s vibe, you’ll also find some nature inspired jewelry items that are simple, inviting and classic in a way that you can wear then with anything!

Here are some of my personal favorite items from Trinket Fascinations:

High quality- low cost!

That’s one of the first things you’ll see on Trinket Fascinations, as the owners of this brand searched the world for special items that will stand by both of these statements- both low cost and high quality. A rare combination indeed!

One of their more popular items is this beautiful necklace for different zodiac signs:

One look at it and you can see why it’s been so popular!

The biggest difference shopping on Trinket Fascinations is, to their statement, their customer service.
It’s a crucial thing- to have a person on the other side that is reading your email, and is available to you on social media, in order for you to feel that your money is well spent- and trust that the items you ordered are on their way to you right now!

If you want to find out more about Trinket Fascinations you can visit them on Facebook or just go to


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