Unique & Affordable Custom Wedding Dresses from Ukraine


They talk a great deal about wedding-tourism to countries like Russia, Ukrain and Eastern Europe.
Many women from the US or UK travel to these countries to get a high quality custom wedding dress done.
Think about it- the price of the flights and the hotels sometimes still pale in front of the price of designer’s wedding dresses in your country!

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But not anymore!
Now, we could eat the cake and keep it whole too… Cause instead of spending 20% less on a wedding dress and traveling abroad- you could save a lot more and order it online!

A unique Etsy shop by the name of VastoliyaBride is giving you the opportunity to have a custom made wedding dress, with high quality fabrics, a talented seamstress in the “driver’s seat” and in a fraction of the local cost!

Different shades of white, unique cuts and variety of wedding accessories- are all waiting for you at VastoliyaBride, here to make you look your best on your big day.

Wedding Dress - Wedding dress Carmelita - Wedding Gown - Lace Wedding Dress - Open Back Dress - Light Wedding Dress -Dress with Long Train

If you already have a locally designed dress, or a family heirloom dress, you might want to consider these designs for your “trash the dress” shoots, or for the after party! (BTW, this shop ships WORLDWIDE :))

Visit VastoliyaBride Etsy shop today for
more unique and custom made wedding dresses!

Wedding Dress - Akulina - Princess- Modern Wedding Dress - Unique Wedding Dress- - Boho Wedding Dress - Lace Wedding Dress

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