Unique Gift Ideas (for both men and women)


They say that women are hard to understand… Those sad men that never seem to know how to please us- but really? That’s what you got? Women are hard to understand?
Cause if you try looking around a bit you’d see that we are really rather easy, we each have our desires, passions, and we appreciate even the little gestures… Unlike men- who are absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to shop for!

So, if you’ve been following my posts you know by now that I’m a shopping fanatic- and I look for different vendors on a daily basis- and today was no different. I searched and searched, for an Etsy store, where I could buy gifts to…. Anyone! My mom, my dad, my little sister or a college- and it’s time for you to find a store like that too. I can’t sit with you in your searches, but I can share my own result- DuckLimited Etsy store!

All the way from exotic Latvia, Arturs R. is shipping simple and heart-taking gifts for everyone- all over the world! So- for some girl shopping we have lovely earrings, with a bit of a tribal vibe to them, an embroidered towel & even a dream catcher:

Handmade Dream Catcher Native American Beaded Earrings Personalized Towel, Zodiac Towels

And for the guys we have… Well- a lot of different things that mainly revolves around leather.
Oh, and your cars 🙂

BMW Leather Remote key Case Holder Customized Engraved Leather Keychain Personalized Car pillow

Nice, ha?
But that’s only 6 items out of this cool Etsy store!
So give DuckLimited a visit and see much much more!

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