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When people think about furniture they normally think of IKEA, It’s easy, close by, and relatively cheap. However, what you see in the site is all you can get, no special textures, nothing unique. You could be sure that that $70 coffee table you got will probably exist in some of your friends’ homes. Well, I’m not cool with that.

Modern Coffee table - Live edge coffee table - Coffee table

I love unique.
I love knowing that I have something that I wouldn’t so easily find in the homes of people I know. I like to get compliments for my tables, sofas, and decorative items.
If you’re like me- than this post is for you!

Rustic Coffee Table - Touch of nature

Where can we even find unique furniture these days?

Outside of garage sales and flee markets- there are a couple of places where you can find modern, unique and high-quality items, the first place is furniture in fashion they have some exquisite pieces of furniture although they aren’t one of a kind they are definitely what you would call a talking point. The second place I would recommend is on Etsy, this online marketplace has the biggest pool of artists and craftsmen worldwide and you’ll find there so many unique items that you wouldn’t normally find in local stores.

Large Live Edge Mirror - Wooden Rustic Mirror

One of my favorite furniture vendor on Etsy is Miha Krumpestar.
Miha owns an Etsy store called PAN Wooden Products, and is making all of this glorious furniture madness in his studio in Kranj, Slovenia.
His style and work look so unique to us simply cause it’s made in a different country- one with amazing crafts materials and with great creative minds.
The added bonus in ordering from Etsy vendors from outside the US is the low costs of the materials and production, in comparison to independent artists inside the US- making these items cheaper than they would have cost you if you were to buy them from a craft artist in the US, the UK, Canada or Australia.

Modern Coffee table - Property of Lady

But, if you can see how beautiful Miha’s items are you’ll see that the lower price for these handmade goods is no where even close to the quality and beauty of them. To se more of Miha’s creations visit his Etsy store by clicking right HERE.

Good luck Miha, from all of us at The Women Team

Modern Coffee table - Live edge coffee table - Coffee table - Waterfall

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