Unique Jewelry Designs by Rivka Snir


If you’re looking for a unique item to give a friend, a loved one- or even yourself… Nothing beats jewelry!

The right piece of jewelry could bring a whole outfit together, creating the complete look you wanted to achieve. If you’re end-look is somewhat classy but still artistic- you need to meet Rivka.
Rivka Snir is the owner of SnirJewelry Etsy store- selling her own handmade designs with free shipping worldwide!

Her jewelry pieces are unique in a way that they combine classy looks and feminine styles- while managing to still appear artistic and creative. I have written about 200+ jewelry stores in the past 2 years- her’s is honestly one of my favorites!

For me, jewelry is much more than a supplementary item for clothing. A piece of jewelry is an original artistic work that has a feminine statement – a statement that indicates style, creativity and unique taste.

Rivka says in her store,

…As every woman has her own personality, every piece of jewelry I create has its own character and charm.
In my shop you can find a selection of jewelry made of silver, gold, silver plated with gold and a combination of gemstones.

My sources of inspiration are inexhaustible, and almost every day an exciting idea comes up, and I rush to my studio to create and realize another dream.

Visit Rivka Snir and her designs in her Etsy shop
SnirJewelry to see more!
You could also follow her on Pinterest or like her Facebook page in order to be always in the loop of new designs and potential sales!

Red Tourmaline stone ring made from 925 sterling silver - Engagement ring - Free shipping

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