Unique mermaid Swimsuits & tails for Kids from Mermaid Cosplay


The most amazing thing about being a kid- is that you don’t need halloween or a theme-party to dress up like a mermaid!
For those of you with little princesses at home- this post will show you just how cute your kid could be as a mermaid- every day! Make ever outing to the beach a fantasy trip- with unique swimming suits for girls- with mermaid tails!

Mermaid Cosplay Mermaid Tails for Girls

Mermaid Cosplay is a great online shop dedicated to bring out the mermaid within us all! In a special section they sell mermaid tails and mermaid swimsuits for girls- in a variety of colors and different types of sets!

Here are our top 4 Mermaid Tail swimsuits from Mermaid Cosplay:

Light Blue mermaid tail swimsuit bikini

A special bright and joyful bikini swimsuit for girls who dream of being mermaids!
This cosplay mermaid swimsuit for girls is a 4 pcs outfit:
A 2-triangles string bikini top, a bikini bottom in light blue, a mermaid tail – all with scales pattern! As well as monofin flippers in light blue- for the full mermaid look!
See more about this mermaid cosplay swimsuit here! 

Kids Mermaid Swimming Tail Swimsuit Cosplay Mermaid Tails E with Fins Monofin Flipper for Girls

Blue mermaid bikini with a rainbow mermaid tail swimsuit

Another unique cosplay swimsuit for mermaid girls is this special light blue bikini- with a special bright and vivid colors mermaid tail- in rainbow colors! Just imagine your little girl swimming in the ocean with this rainbow mermaid tail!
A 4 PCS mermaid swimsuit, with a top, a bottom, flippers, and a rainbow color mermaid tail!
Get more info on this girl’s mermaid cosplay swimming suit here!

Girls Best Kids Mermaid Tail Swimwear Bikini for Swimming J with Fins Monofin Flipper for Girls

Another great mermaid look- rainbow all over!

With smooth and calm rainbow colors, Mermaid Cosplay is also offering this unique mermaid bikini and mermaid tail cosplay for girls! In a super-affordable price, this mermaid cosplay has 3 PCS-
A mermaid bikini top in rainbow colors, a matching bikini bottom, and a mermaid tail !
Find out more details about this mermaid swimsuit for girls here!

The super-realistic Mermaid tail for girls!

Last but not least- we got this beautiful mermaid tail for girls- that is so realistic!
Just have a look at the details of the mermaid tail at the bottom, flowing and floating for that maximum mermaid-feeling of freedom! This mermaid swimsuit for girls can be worn with our without the mermaid tail, for a great day at the beach!
Find out more about this mermaid cosplay swimming bikini and mermaid tail for girls here!

Realistic Best Kids Mermaid Tail Swimsuit Bikini for Swimming with Blue Top


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mermaid cosplay bikinis for girls
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