Unique Mixed Media One of a Kind Boxes, Cards & Wall art on Etsy


A unique artist by the name of Sunny is making her way into the Etsy community with her exciting steam-punk-mixed-media style… And we’re loving it!
The artist is based in Bern, Switzerland, and from her home studio she makes these beautiful mixed-media items like boxed, canvases and even greeting cards- all one of a kind!

Vintage card Gentleman, special greeting card for him, altered card, father's day, friendship card

Sunny didn’t start her store SunCraftDesign and passion out of love for the painted canvas, but for the written word. 
She talks about her unique inspiration in her Etsy bio: 

As a writer I am creating characters, stories and places all in my head so I need a counterbalance by creating things with my hands. When I discovered mixed media art I immediately fell in love with it. It is as versatile as I am and I enjoy watching the creations growing from a blank item into an awesome piece of artwork.

If you like Sunny’s style and artwork- follow her on Instagram!
beautiful items are waiting for you there!

Visit SunCraftDesign Etsy shop now for more!

Vintage greeting card Paris Mon Amour – mixed media card, altered card, paris, black flower, special gift card

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