Unique Mosaic Jewelry & Home Decor by Cristina Pereira

cristina pereira portugal tile mosaic art“When someone mentions Portugal, a few things come to mind: Port wine, Lisbon, seafood, surfing, Cristiano Ronaldo and … azulejos(tiles)! Deeply embedded in Portugal’s history and culture, there are countless wonderful examples of these beautiful tiles.”

– Cristina Pereira


One of the places I love most in the world is Portugal, for two reasons- the warm people and the beautiful mosaic tiles! Unique tiles have been the silent art of Portugal, and with Portuguese artists like Cristina Pereira- this art has come to life!

In love with mosaic art, and holding a true talent for product design, Cristina Pereira opened up VersaTILEbyCristina – an Etsy shop dedicated to her artistic mosaics.
Using a cute wordplay VersaTILE is a place you could find Versatile works of art made from tiles !
Mosaic bookmarks, mosaic boxes, mosaic bracelets and necklaces- and so much more- all in one place of magical tiles!

Cristina was born in Lisbon, Portugal.
Growing up in the streets of this gorgeous city, mosaic tiles were everywhere! Seeing them everywhere she went made her happy- and became her true passion.
After years of making beautiful tile art to her friends and family, Cristina was encouraged to open her Etsy store- that is now approaching the 100 sales mark!!

If you liked the artwork and accessories you’ve seen here-
go ahead and visit Cristina’s shop-
and see so much more!

Maya Mey Aroyo

Content writer & editor at TheWomenTeam.com “In advertising, not to be different is virtually suicidal” – Bill Bernbach