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Finding the perfect wall print for a new nursery could be a hard task, especially if you want it to be personalized with your kid’s name. The same goes for other items, such as food placements, coasters, pillow casings and more! You could search forever for an item with you’re kid’s name, but unless they are called- Michael, Dan or any other common name- you might never find what you are looking for.

Personalised Unicorn Name Print - Faux Glitter Alicorn - Unicorn Wall Decor - Personalized unicorn gift - Personalized Print Gift for Kids

Emma is trying to change that.
In her Etsy gift shop, SplashSeven, Emma has created a line of items- coasters, prints, mugs, placements, pillow casings and more- all ready to be personalized with your name or the name of your child!
With a 4 year old and a 2 year old at home- this creative mamma is working hard to make people happy with her creativity!

Special personalized items for couples

On top of her unique personalized nursery prints and items for kids, Emma also does designs on items for couples- like a set of mugs with your names, coasters for a big event (do i hear wedding bells??) and much more!

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Like this adorable baby onesie for Halloween:


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