Unique Polymer Clay Beaded Jewelry Made in the USA


If you’re looking for one of a kind unique jewelry- you might want to stop by CatsUniqueBeads Etsy shop.
Owned by Cathy Gonzales from Washington, this unique shop is a place for everyone who likes to add a little bit of color to their daily lives!

Pink Multicolored Wire Wrapped Oval Pendant Textured Multicolored Abstract Earrings Blue, Pink, Black and Yellow Boho Bead Necklace

Cathy’s unique style is truly noticeable, when you enter her shop.
The reason for her beaded jewelry being so unique is simple…. Cathy is making the beads herself!!

I started experimenting with polymer clay several years ago. through trial and error, I have worked on many different designs using my beads for bracelets, necklaces, earrings, wine glass charms, key chains and a few other items. I love mixing the many different colors available to get unusual results for my beads. I have always had a fascination with color, stemming back to my oil painting days when I was younger. Its amazing how many different patterns and designs can be created with polymer clay. The possibilities are endless!

Lavender Polymer Clay Textured Oval Pendant

It’s amazing what a person can teach themselves, and even more amazing to see that these jewelry pieces are in fact – inspired by oil painting and the world of self expression and art.

If you like what you’ve seen here- go ahead and
visit CatsUniqueBeads Etsy shop for more!

Multicolored Triangle Abstract Dangle Earrings Multicolored Feather Shaped Earrings for Women Pink and Black Zebra Wide Stretchy Bracelet Blue, Hot Pink and Black Bead Bracelet

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