Unique Second Hand / Vintage Men Fashion Items by Layne Solo


If you’re looking for a unique fashionable item for your guy- no need to go out of your pocket to get the right fit!

Damageplan Dimebag Darrell T-Shirt XL

An Israeli seller on Etsy by the name of Layne Solo, has opened a store dedicated to men fashion- selling tshirts and sweaters for men from brands like H&M, Castro and more!
In his store you’ll be able to find fashionable items for men (one of each only) that will make a great addition to the wardrobe of any guy!

The styles vary from item to item, and you’ll be able to find classic pieces (like a classic blue sweater), alongside Band/Music Ts, and even some plaids 🙂 Available for purchasing in a variety of countries!

The majority of the items are on a large size, like XL, so they’d make a great fit for your big-guy- dad or boyfriend!

Visit Layne Solo on Etsy for more!

Korn T-Shirt XL

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