Unique Shirt Designs for Musicians & Music Lovers

Clothes are one of the best ways we have these days for self expression.
I personally love music inspired tshirts!
Shirts with headsets on them, Tshirts with guitar illustrations, shirts with names of Jazz bands, an old record shirt, and other shirts that basically say- I love music!

Shirts for Musicians, DJs, and music lovers

A wonderful Etsy shop by the name of lavivastore, has a beautiful collection of shirts for guitarists, jazz lovers, DJs, and even just people who love music!
My absolute favorite is this stunning microphone tshirt:

microphone tshirt radio shirt music lover tshirts

However, there are so many other unique musician shirts
and tshirts for music lovers
Just go to lavivastore Etsy shop
and find the shirt that makes you want to break into song!

live life loud shirt for musicians

Maya Mey Aroyo

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