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One of my favorite things about Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade goods, is the fact that they have so many unique jewelry designers there! This site is truly a home to some one of a kind jewelry designs, with my favorite designs often appearing on Asian shops.

BIJOUELLEDbyMonique is one of those shops, with beautiful handcrafted jewelry from Singapore!

Crystal Drop Earrings - Rhodium polished-Cubic Zirconia & Changeable Swarovski centres crystals.:Gift for her:wife gift:wedding:bridal

Etsy’s sellers come from different backgrounds, and Monique, owner of this shop, actually works as a paralegal during the day… Taking her design ideas home with her every evening- to work on her second “job”, her passion, her jewelry.

While most shops sell generic bangles and earrings, BIJOUELLEDbyMonique Etsy shop has some more unique designs in play, with earrings that have these beautiful crystals all around… Surrounding a single small stone to give the piece color.
These coloured crystal stones in the center or the “drops” are from the Changeable Collection. A very special collection in this shop that basically makes every set of earrings… actually 4 sets!! With each pair of earrings you’ll get 4 different coloured changeable crystal/drops which you can change to match your outfit.
A super unique item- for the best possible price!

Perfect for accessorising and for formal events, BIJOUELLEDbyMonique’s Jewelry collections are ever changing and expanding! In these types of shops it’s important to favorite the shop- making sure you’ll be able to see new items as they come to life!

Women's Bangle Bracelet Set,3 Tone,Simple and Elegant. White,rose,gold and rhodium plating. Gift Idea:Gift for her:Love:Anniversary:Birthday

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Simple Set of 3 Bangle Bracelets and Rings in 18k Gold,Rose Gold and Rhodium Plating. Gift for her:Bridal Gift:Wedding:Anniversary:Birthday

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