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One of the things I love so much about Etsy is that there are a lot of different shops, selling different items or item combinations. It’s like people are just opening their minds and selling what they’re good at in a way that allows you to also buy what’s good and right for you!
This huge online marketplace for handmade goods is the best place to find just the right piece of jewelry- or the items you’ll need to make one!

If you’re looking for a great unisex bracelet, or looking for some jewelry supplies to make your very own piece of meaningful accessories- you need to visit Nxtlevelcollection shop !

This unique shop is owned by Malesa.
Malesa has been designing jewelry for the past… Wait for it… 20 years!!
She was making jewelry in her home and selling them in trade shows with her travels. 20 years ago, before the internet frenzy, when selling was so much more- personal!
Malesa ran a gallery for 6 years, but life took her to a different direction, and as a mom she decided to give her time and passion to help with her son’s foundation and manage his professional football career.

However, about a couple years ago… She decided she hears the calling of beads and gold again- and came back to her initial passion in life- when opening Nxtlevelcollection on Etsy. In this shop she also sells jewelry supplies that will be perfect for you to make your own jewelry collection or a special DIY gift for someone you love!

Designing from her home studio, Malesa is back in business with a beautiful Etsy boutique, working on her social channels (go ahead and follow- Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram) and trying to share her passion for beads and style with the world!


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