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If you like pop art and can’t get enough of how creative people just keep on getting- Etsy is probably your favorite hangout spot online. It is that way for me!
In my daily journey accross Etsy, I found… Juzpop!

Juzpop is an emerging Artist and Designer who gets energy from her desire to create vibrant unique artworks.

Based in Melbourne Australia, the artist has just launched her new pop art series that will transform any wall or space from boring- to glorious!
The artists exhibits regularly from Streetwear expos to a exhibitions in Tokyo, Japan, and her Etsy shop, JuzpopCreations, is the perfect place for your to acquire her art without purchasing a plane ticket!

Her artworks are amazing, covering the essence of known artists like Rihanna and Beyonce… And a lot more!

To see more of her work and find out about costs go to JuzpopCreations on Etsy!

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Juzpop uploads a new piece!

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