Vintage 90’s 2000’s Fashion on Etsy


I love Etsy, it’s not a secret by now!
So many people sell amazing things they make with their hands… But not all sellers are “handmakers”!
Some of the sellers on Etsy are selling vintage items, in great conditions, from fashion to kitchen utensils, from accessories to decorative items. These stores are a blast to the past!

VTGINDY is a store just like that! Selling some vintage fashion from the 90’s and the early 2000’s, and I think the men in your life will love it!!

The store has already made 50+ sales, and there are 50+ more products for you guys!
However, the products listed in the store are not everything… If you want to see the full vintage fashion that this store has- try their Youtube channel- filled with videos of their other items!

If you like vintage fashion try following VTGINDY on social media- Twitter | Instagram
Or simply follow their store on Etsy!

Go to VTGINDY Etsy shop today for more!

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