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If you love books, reading, and finding new places, or know someone who loves getting lost in a good book- this next shop is for you!

1950s Bookplate from the Adventures of Robin Hood Robin denouncing prince John and the Normans Full Colour

Saffrronsenses Etsy shop, owned by Dave, is a UK online venue for the best books ever written… Cherishing them and spreading their art with unique original book prints and one of a kind art made from upcycling pages of great books.

Funny cat Print Zoe Stokes 1978 (Waiting) Mounted and Backed Sporting Pictures of England Guy Pager 1835 Bookplate Grey Arab Stallion

The unique prints you’ll find on Saffrronsenses Etsy shop are a great way to remember the books that have changed your life, and as a gift to an avid reader- they will be twice as cherished than flowers or chocolates.

Thelwell Sporting Prints Also Ran Mounted and Framed Funny cat Print Zoe Stokes 1978 Mounted and Backed

You will also be able to find unique upcycled art in this shop, meaning- an art piece that was made from a previous art piece… Like these beautiful music prints- made on top of book pages from the fantastic book that is Alice in Wonderland.

If you like what you’ve seen here- go ahead and visit Dave’s shop for more!
130+ pages of art are waiting for you- and they are all one of a kind- so hurry up!

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