Vintage City Maps Turned Into Treasure Items


I love Treasure Items.
To me, Treasure Items are everyday items that have the vibe and feeling of an old treasure hunt, a pirate feeling, or simply a deep vintage vibe. One of the stores that have the most exciting treasure items is Carte Urbane.

On Carte Urbane you’ll be able to find so many useful everyday items, like iPhone covers, wooden prints, posters, tote bags, notebooks and so much more- all with an old vintage map print- of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Carte Urbane show cases items either by product type or by city!
In their vintage map prints you’ll be able to find cities like Alexandria, Amsterdam, Brussles, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Milano and more!
Here are my favorite items from Carte Urbane’s vintage maps collection, all with the map of one of my favorite cities in the world- Zurich!

I also found amazing posters of Hong Kong, Vienna and Moscow that were simply stunning!

If you like this kind of style go visit Carte Urbane today for more exciting city map prints from the most beautiful and famous cities of the world!

prague iphone x phone case old vintage map of the city

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