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“Faith” has always been the fashion trend no one could over-come or deny.
People with faith all over the world wear their beliefs around their necks, on their hands and even their ears- showing god and all of us how strong their faith is.

Silver Gold Calvary 3 Cross with Dog Tag Medallion Stainless Steel and 4mm Braided Chain - Saint Michaels Jewelry

Traditional Christian jewelry items are probably the one thing you can give a person, or yourself, for any possible occasion- happy or sad. For any place where we want to say thanks to the lord, or want to ask for his help or forgiveness- we have our symbol of faith- the cross.

Michael Thousand from Colorado took his faith to the next level by letting the lord in to everything he does, to his life, crafts and living as he opened SaintMichaelsJewelry Etsy store.
His store holds over 60 items, well crafted and filled with love, so that every Christian could show his love for the lord- all the time. He started the store by chance. He wasn’t into the cross-business before.
He had lost his own cross necklace and crafted one to replace it. After all of his work and many crosses after- his daughter is now the proud owner of the first cross he had ever made.

Calvary 3 Cross Earrings Necklace Silver Gold Hoop Drop Dangle Womans Christian Jewelry - Saint Michaels Jewelry - Calvary Three Cross https-::img0.etsystatic.com:166:0:8488410:il_570xN.1206092850_g69a.jpg silver

Silver and gold, necklaces, bracelets and earrings- you’ll find everything your heart desires in his little place of worship.
The main theme of the store is Saint Michael, the archangel who led god’s army against Satan in the book of revelation. And it is he that will protect anyone wearing his cross.

Double Twist Classic Dangle Rhinestone Cross Earrings Silver or Gold - Saint Michaels Jewelryhttps-::img0.etsystatic.com:166:0:8488410:il_570xN.1206092850_g69a

Michael Thousand has spoken about his calling and faith in his Etsy profile, saying the kindest words of love and joy and sharing the store’s true story:

The motivation that leads us to create and produce our jewelry line is to bring Glory to God with wearable symbols that focus on Jesus Christ. Each design is intended to be worn daily to symbolize to others our hope. Wearing a display of this hope opens the door to conversations for us to make a difference in the lives of others.

Medium Calvary 3 Cross Necklace Gold Silver Mens Boys Women Girls Fashion Christian Jewelry - Saint Michaels Jewelry - Calvary Three Cross

To date Saint Michaels Jewelry has had the distinct privilege of giving away or donating more than 2500 jewelry items. At least one of these items has changed a life.

Silver Small Teardrop Cross Hoop Earrings Dangle Drop Womens Girls Christian Jewelry - Saint Michaels Jewelry

I am only here to remind you that buying from Etsy is buying from real people!
It is our duty as man-kind to help one another- and support small businesses when possible. So I urge you to embrace your beliefs and check out the rest of the items in Michael’s jewelry store. You might just find what you’ve been looking for. You could also like the store’s page on Facebook in order to always be the first to know of a new design or sale.

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