Wearable Ocean Art


Meet Chloe, owner of Chloe’s Craft Store on Etsy!
In her beautiful boutique, Chloe sells beautiful sea-shell pendents and shell earrings- all gathered by her, colored to perfection and attached with a beautiful pearl for that X factor.

AS Chloe does all by hand- her designs can be some-what customized if there’s a specific color you have in mind and can’t find it in her store. Her work is genuine, and seeing how she has only opened her store 3 months ago- I’d say she’s a wonderful addition to the Etsy kingdom!

Pink shell decoration with pink pearls

If you want to see more of Chloe, her sea-shell jewelry and her inspiration- follow her on Instagram! You’re guaranteed images of beautiful shells, beautiful view and a beautiful lady!

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Go ahead and visit Chloe’s Craft Store on Etsy
for a lot more!

Wire wrapped purple shell pendant with pearl Shell decoration & Jewelry holder Scarlet shell with pearl Light blue shell decorated with gems Shell earrings with pearl decoration Small shell decoration:pendant Sunset-colored shell sculpture with pearls

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