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If you’re having any big event soon- you must know how important it is to have the proper invites for it!
It could be a baby shower, a bridal shower, a wedding, a birthday, or even just a holiday dinner that you want to make sure starts in the right theme!

Gold and Red Christmas Cookie Exchange Invitation- Reindeer - Lollipops - Mason Jar - Digital - Printable

Invitation designers

I am sure that you probably have, in your city, a place that designs and print invitations for various occasions. However, most of these places would charge a small fortune for something you could have basically done yourself if you had some graphic skills.
For these cases- I love going to Etsy!

Etsy is filled with graphic designers that have an “instant download” option on invitations they have designed for different occasions.
However, things get a bit tricky with most of these Etsy sellers, as you’ll get a beautiful template for an invite- but you’ll have to edit the text inside yourselves, and use different softwares that you might not have, or have the knowledge of how to use.
So what are you supposed to do?

Pink Floral Wreath Baby Shower Invitation - Baby Shower - Gray Wood - Rustic Shower- Digital - Printable

Try Nora’s store- DivinePix

DivinePix is an Etsy store, owned by Nora from Louisiana, USA.
Nora started her Etsy store… By accident, really.
She always loved crafts and DIY projects, and she loved creating her own invites and cards for friends and family. Once they saw she has a talent for it- they encouraged her to give her crafty mind a real chance and try and sell her designs.

Nora, like many other women and men, found that Etsy could be that place where she could turn passion into a career, and I am always up for helping people who manage to win my heart with their simplicity and kind soul.

In Nora’s store, you won’t have the problems you have with other graphic designers on Etsy as her files are not instant downloads.

If you see an invitation design you like for your bridal shower, birthday or holiday party- you order it and fill out a form that Nora will provide you. Once you do- Nora will send you the file of the invite for you to proof read, and at the end you could either pay for that file alone, or have her send you a custom offer for a physical delivery of the invites in the size and quantity you like!

Why order digital files?

Digital files are super easy to work with, especially when they are sent to you by real professionals, and you could either take them to a print store for the best paper quality, print them at home- or even share the invite file on Facebook, other social channels or by eMail.

So, if you got anything coming up, a bridal shower, a baby shower, a birthday or any sort of party- try Nora’s services out,
you won’t regret it!

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