What A Walk Through The Woods Can Make You Do…


There are moments in our lives where everything changes. Sometimes it takes a while to see that change, and a lot of times it’s hard to pick that split moment in time where these changes were first thought of, but for Thorsten Tallarek– that’s not the case.

During a lovely walk with his daughter in the forest, Thorsten picked up a piece of wood that was lying on the ground. Thinking of the things you could do with wood pieces, Thorsten picked up a few pieces and decided to see what he could do with them. And he found his calling.

With crafty hands, this German father started making beautiful wooden jewelry- and we love it!

Soul slices Rune Jera wooden necklace, Vintage * Ethno * hippie * MUST have * statement *

His store, SoulSlices, was only recently opened, but with 80 unique jewelry pieces to choose from- I have no doubt that this Etsy store is heading to a good direction!
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Visit Thorsten’s Etsy store today to see his full
wooden jewelry collection!

Soul slices life tree 1 wooden Metal pendant earrings 20mm

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