When Abel Met Josephine… (Jewelry Items Were Born)


They say that love can make everything better… Maybe that’s whyI am so deeply into SantaRitaBijoux Etsy shop and the jewelry sold there.. Cause they are all a result of a great love!

3 Years ago, after 5 years of traveling the world, Abel met a woman by the name of Josephine, or Josy.
The two have been inseparable since, and together they opened a jewelry business, and they make the most unique Shanti-Indie jewelry pieces from various metals and precious stones.

Having committed their lives and journeys to each other and to the world- the happy couple travels the world- and using local metals and materials in each one of their stops to create their newest collection. The necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings that they make in their newest destination are shipped to safe keeping in Germany- where they are shipped to you- the people who love their jewelry work!

100% Handmade work- with no heavy machines!

If you like this style you might want to look for Abe and Josy on Instagram– following them will guarantee having the best fashionable content on your feed!

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for more details, designs, prices and
LOVE & Good vibes!

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