When an 18 Years Old British Guy Opens An Etsy Store…


What I love about Etsy is the fact that it’s real. These are real items made by real people, but you could pretty much categorize their stories to a few…
The family that made it their family business, the business woman who opened a store in her maternity leave, and the 30 years old fashion grad who is creating amazing accessories. But an 18 year old guy from the UK selling women’s jewelry? I am truly inspired!

Meet Scott Robinson from Mansfield, who sells his amazing handmade jewelry on an Etsy store called: ToadstoolCrafting. Here are some of Scott’s items, sold on his store:

As most 20-30 year olds try to figure out what they want to do with their lives- Scott dreamt of having a shop for his handmade jewels since he can remember… And how many of you can say they have reached their dream at 18? As this store is his dream, and creating jewelry is obviously something Scott is good at… he only needs one thing- you guys! To believe in him, to get gifts for your loved ones from his store or simply follow him on Instagram to stay updated with his new creations! (Scott also makes handmade love cards and some gift/jewelry boxes, what a talented guy!)

Good luck Scott- The Women Team believes in you!

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