When Photography & Graphics Meet Everyday Items


I love Art, on all of it’s kinds and shapes and sizes.
I think I made it clear here that for me, I cannot choose between photography, graphic art or painting… But what I truly like about art is to see it combine in every day lives, in a way that is different than it’s source.
I mean- photography, graphics and paintings are mostly known for being presented as prints and wall arts, but when you see these art pieces on different mediums- that is truly special!

Useful art by Macrografiks

Macrografiks is an Etsy store, owned by Francisco Aveledo, a graphic designer and a photography lover from Barcelona, Spain. Combining his everyday passion with US based suppliers and manufacturers, Aveledo has made a beautiful Etsy store out of photos and graphic files- attached and spread on every day items like:
– Wall Tapestries
– Shower Curtains
– Phone Cases
– Duvet Covers
– Wall Calendars
– Throw Pillows & more!

It’s your way of bringing art in to your home decor in a different way.
In the best way!

Bring life to your space with Decorative Products

The official motto of this super awesome Etsy store that has already made over 1400 shipments and orders to satisfied clients worldwide… Clients who rated and reviewed the store with an overall score of 5 stars- PERFECTION! Here are some of my favorite items from this seller:
Shower Curtains:

Artsy Kids duvet covers:

Totes & Cosmetic pouches:

And beautiful throw pillows:

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Real reviews with real photos

One of the reasons why I love Etsy so much, and why I am so happy that Macrografiks has decided to open their store on Etsy is the fact that buyers have the option to review the items with images they have taken in their homes with this beautiful useful art work.
So many buyers have shared, on Macrografiks’s Review section, images of products they have ordered from this store and how these items are now coming to life in their home and in their daily routine:

One awesome buyer also shared on Macrografiks’s Review section how she turned a wall tapestry into a living room item, by wrapping one of her furnishing items with it:

black and white tapestry turned into fabric for living room

This Etsy seller never stops surprising us with new designs and new items that can be combined in our lives… Follow them on Pinterest and Instagram to make sure you’d always see images of new designs, like this one:

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Visit Macrografiks Etsy store and see more than 800 items that
could help turn your house into a HOME!

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