Will Elina’s Jewelry Crafting Hobby Turn Into a Business?


There’s that stigma on Etsy, the online mall for handmade items, that all the sellers there are self taught crafters – trying to turn a hobby into a profession.
That stigma isn’t quite accurate, but it is true in the case of Elina from Latvia.

Blue Druzy necklace 16” Rectangle pendant necklace Druzy pendant necklace

Elina has a masters degree in nutrition, and is currently employed full time.
However, in her free time and from her own home- Elina makes beautiful jewelry.
Small dangle earrings, beautiful shiny stud earrings, and some delicate necklaces is what you’ll find in Elina’s Etsy shop KanelliAccessories.

These unique trinkets are truly a work of a calm soul, sharing with us the beauty in minimalism, one item at a time.
If you like what you see in Elina’s shop- follow her on Instagram!
There’s always more to see- as Elina is continuing her hobby and making more and more awesome things!


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I don’t know if this hobby will turn into
a full time business for Elina…
But I sure do hope so!
Visit KanelliAccessories Etsy shop for more!

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