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Meet Kianna, a former caterer and party planner- turned accessory designer.
For 15 years she’s helped clients organize parties and weddings, planning everything from A-Z, and taking special attention to the smallest of details.

Quite often, a client of her’s would ask her about the accessories used in the ceremony or venue, they’d ask where she got it from. Mostly. her answer was “I made it”.

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After so many clients have asked Kiana about her accessories- she decided it’s time to give her art a try and see what her potential could bring!

What I love most about Kianna and her Etsy shop, GracefulGreetingCo, is that you can see, just by looking at her wedding related items, that she knows what she’s doing!
Her makeup bags, totes and favor bags designs are simply charming and romantic- just like a wedding should be!

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If you’re planning a wedding anytime soon you should totally check out the bridesmaids bags that Kianna had designed. Kianna made beautiful wine bottle bags for bridesmaids, some bridal shower makeup bags- labeling the bride and her closets friends, and her small favor bags- meant to handout to your wedding party with treats and favors inside!

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If you like to make sure to always see Kianna’s glorious style on your social feeds- you should really follow her around!

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See more designs on Kianna’s Etsy shop!

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