Wine Glasses & Accessories Inspired By Disney, Films and Popular TV Shows


Art is something that has always moved me in life, and seeing what people can create on film and TV has always made me feel so inspired. Watching old Disney movies, current films and shows, falling in love with their graphics, acting skills and characters… And then finding a special store that sells unique accessories made by that same inspiration- that’s LIFE!

Snow White etched wine glass with glittered stem inspired by Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

GirlMeetsGinger is a unique Etsy store in which the owner, Elizabeth Odom, has taken her love for film and TV and placed it on wine glasses, ceramic plates, plastic tumblers and more. Elizabeth surly has the best taste in movies and TV shows, and amongst her designs you’ll find Harry Potter themed products, Glasses and accessories with the image of The Little Mermaid, and even unique handcrafted designs from Gilmore Girls &Game of Thrones.

What caught my eye the most was a photo I saw on Elizabeth’s Instagram- A unique cup inspired by my favorite Disney Villain- Ursula!

If you like Elizabeth’s Disney and Movie inspired glasses
and accessories-
follow her on Instagram or simply visit her Etsy shop- GirlMeetsGinger!

Wall-E and EVE inspired by Disney and Pixar's Wall-E stemless wine glass vinyl set

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