Wish Bracelets and Other Accessories- Handmade With Love!


If you’re looking for something cute to bring to a loved one, something small that has a big meaning- you can easily find it with BellaElisheva Etsy store.
Owned by Isabel Lin from Pennsylvania, United States, this store is all about making a wish- and knowing that with good intentions and prayers- it will come true!

The meaning behind the bracelets:

You can choose different mottos to suit different situations in your life, or different people. In Isabel’s store you’ll be able to find bracelets with words/phrases such as: “never never give up”, “I love you”, “Believe” and more. On top of that you’ll be able to get small and simple charm string bracelets on a special hand designed card that comes baring positive energy and best wishes. Here are some examples of the sweet items you’ll be able to find in Isable’s Etsy store:

BellaElisheva Etsy store is also a great place for you to find simple and delicate small pendant necklaces, placed on a beautiful card, with a dedication and a loving phrase:

On top of that, Isabel’s store is also equipped with super delicate and feminine earrings- fitting for all ages:

Who can enjoy this store:

Go to Isable’s store if you’re looking to surprise someone with a small token of affection:
– Maybe a small niece would love those stud earrings
– Your bridesmaids would love a lovely necklace or bracelet- and they will match!
– Your girlfriend will never stop thanking you for that gift you bought her “just because”

You can find a lot more different items in Isable’s store– so get started- find someone you love and surprise them!

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