Xmas Is Coming To Etsy


It’s holiday season and the streets are filling out with red and green for the upcoming Xmas. But for me the true meaning of Xmas was always shopping. As I am a fan of everything that’s Etsy, I have decided to share with you some of the coolest gift ideas for this year!

Santa & Mrs. Claus

As you can see in the main post image, they have handmade Santa and his beloved wife! Great present for grandparents and other members of your family who would like a stylish Xmassy Salt & Pepper containers. With only 1 product available from this vintage collection- if you like it you better order it fast! Here’s the link.

Nid Soap Adventures – Xmas FREE Shipping Special

Stating that every soap is an adventure, this cool Etsy seller is offering FREE shipping inside the US for orders over $20. This holiday spirit promotion will end at Dec 31st, and you can get it by submitting coupon code ADVENTURE20 when you order.  If you have a family member that likes unique soaps you’ll find that NidSoapAdventures has the most amazing handmade soaps to send as a gift. I personally found this one appealing, it’s called Giggle Blanket, and if you want to get it- simply click on the picture!


Xmas Pillows

If you want to decorate your living room and give it a more Christmassy vibe- try out these amazing Xmas pillow casings: (Click on the picture to go to the seller’s page)




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