You Will Want These Items This Summer


Summer is just few weeks away from coming in and washing us all in amazing sunlight and wonders! So, if you want to make sure you are ready for the sun- here’s what you must have:

1 – The most amazing bikini!

I have found a really cool 2 piece swimsuit in Ali Express. Available in sizes S-XL this cool piece reminds me a bit of last-year’s bikini strings trend… Though this one is a bit more relaxed and actually looks comfy! Click here to see the item in the seller’s store (or on the images!)

pink-bikini black-bikini

2 – A beach bag!

A comfy and stylish beach bag is a must for those hot summer beach days. There are two things that you need to look for in a beach bag- the size (Have it fit a towel, some personal items and a bottle of water) and an easy access (for those times you need to reach in and get something fast cause your hands are wet). I found a cool ocean-designed beach bag that comes in both blue or pink and will be a perfect addition to any beach day:

blue-beach-bag pink-beach-bag

If you want to purchase it (Only $12.99) click here!

3 – Best sun protection hat!

It is important to look good in the summer, but it is also crucial to feel good. Having the right hat can be the difference between coming home from the beach feeling awesome or feeling tired and sun-struck. For this special item i found this amazing Etsy store, celebrating the love of summer with personalized statement hats for the beach girl in you (And for your little girl as well). Available for kids, young adults and full grown women, these hats can be purchased at HatAboutYou Etsy store with this link here.

statement-hat-summer-etsy4 – A waterproof bag for your phone

Though finding the perfect beach bag is important, you must protect your phone! For that I thought I would search for a waterproof bag, but then I saw this item (For like less than $3) that would actually allow you to take pictures under-water with your phone!!!!! Order- HERE.


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