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Now… When you think personal chef- what do you think about?
Maybe a $1000 night with a posh crowed in a fancy dining room?
Well, think again!

Toasted Hot Wing Buffalo Cauliflower Bites downloadable PDF or JPEG Eating Cleaner recipe card file

Chef Danita Arthur, or Dani, is here to help with fresh recipes for everyone!
Now, unlike other recipes online, Dani’s recipes are personally made, and not copy-pasted from other websites.

Getting your recipes online is the way everyone does it these days, and with Dani you could have a dreamy dish recipe delivered to you in seconds- with the instant download option. That means that the minute you “checkout” you don’t have to wait for a delivery or a messenger- you can simply download the recipe and start cooking!

Recipes come in 2 digital files- PDF & JEPG, so you can see them either as a document or as a photo- with the easiest printing structure so you could easily create slides or cooking notes from the files you download!

Dani is indeed a personal chef, and outside of the Etsy handmade bubble she is taking on many clients with special needs. She helps find the best dish for people with dietary restrictions or allergies, and for the happy parts- she gets to create themed food for special occasions like a wedding shower or a surprise birthday party. She’s cooked from celebrities to stay-at-home moms and dad and foodies and recipe collector’s fancy her as one of the best minds in the culinary world.

Love Me Tender Lemon Teacakes

She uses Etsy to upload her most requested recipes, they’re like mini Cooking classes via instant PDF downloads and can be printed into a 4×6 full color card as well as 8.5×11 sheet.

almond milk strawberry smoothie

There’s a huge added bonus when ordering a recipe from Dani- and that’s her ability to customize!
If you find a special dish you like but you or a loved one are allergic or sensitive to one or more of the ingredients- all you have to do is contact Dani using the Etsy communication area and have her adjust the recipe for you! That means- gluten free, lactose free, vegan- anything you need- Dani’s got your back! (And your stomach..)

See her top best recipes in her Etsy store
Dani’s Dish Recipe Class!
Bon-a-petit 🙂

quinoa cookies

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