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If there was a scrapbooking olympics- Marlena DeMar would take the gold medal!

Marlena DeMar is the owner of ScrapbooksbyMars Etsy store- a store dedicated to personalized scrapbooks starring the people you love, your pets and any event you might have had along the way!

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Marlena is a scrapbook artist! She makes these beautiful scrapbooks that can be personalized to any occasion and be sent to you without you having to do nothing more than send her your desired photos!

The process is easy:
You go through the available scrapbook ideas in Marlena’s store
You choose the one that suits you and purchase it
You send Marlena the photos you wish to place inside the scrapbook
She prints them, organize them in the scrapbook theme and style you’ve selected- and ships the whole scrapbook album to you, wrapped in plastic bubbles for protection!

The perfect Christmas gift for pet lovers

If you got a close friend or a relative that loves their pet (cat, dog, doesn’t matter!)- you could have Marlena make a special scrapbook album for their dog or cat- making their love last forever in it’s own private album!

Wedding scrapbook album

Another memory you might want to cherish in a scrapbook is your wedding day!
Got high quality photos from your wedding?

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Send them to Marlena and she’ll make you the sweetest wedding scrapbook album– one you could treasure up above the fireplace or living room bookshelf.

Marlena’s scrapbook albums are also great for remembering the first years of your baby, as a mother’s day gift, or even as an anniversary gift for your parents!

And one thing’s for sure about this lady… Her workspace is so enviable!

Single Scrapbook pages as hangable art

One of the best things about Marlena’s store is that it could fulfill any scrapbooking need you’ll have- even if you don’t need a whole scrapbook album! Marlena is also making single pages, ones you could place in a beautiful frame and treasure on your walls or study/work desk:

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There are so many beautiful layouts and designs in Marlena’s head, and a lot of people will enjoy her creativity this Christmas. Will one of them by you?

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