Your Snapchat Posts Are Gonna Get So Much Better!


It’s true- the instant-delete-itself social network has taken the world by a storm!
Nobody knows how they did it, but that weird-app-with-the-dog’s-ears is now a huge platform for celebrities and ecommerce companies- reaching everyone, especially our lovely generation Z!
Snapchat offers you so many filters and ideas, but with time- they get boring, and we all know that for a good post you’ll need good creatives!

Now, there are some programs out there, other apps that co-exist with Snapchat, but non that could be unique to you! So, I did the weirdest thing I could think about and searched for interesting ways to get creative in my Snapchat- on ETSY.

Yup, Etsy, that online marketplace for knitting goods and handmade purses. And I found it! A super cool store called GeoSnapchatFilters.
With almost 1000 sales, Jason from California can provide you with Custom Snapchat Geofilters delivered within 24hrs! Isn’t that amazing?

Colorful Balloons Birthday Party Hat Snapchat Geofilter Quinceanera Debut Decor Steamers Banner Bday Bundle of Balloons GeoSnapchatFilters

These professional custom Snapchat geofilters can be used to celebrate and document all kinds of events (birthdays, weddings, bachelorette parties, baby showers, etc) and Jason will deliver them within 24 hours! You can even contact this him on his Etsy store, or via email (appears below) and ask for a special snapchat geofilters design for your business, making sure you’ll stay on top of everyone else!
These filters could give a serious boost to bloggers, beauty specialists and everyone who sells anything online!
I personally think that Jason’s designs look best on CHRISTMAS !

The customization can be done via the Etsy ordering system- straight from the listing’s page- by choosing the font you like (and in some listings the color), and sending Jason some details about your need for this Snapchat geofilter (like your wedding date, or company’s name).

color selection for a snapchat geofilter

What you’ll be getting is a file, no need to wait for shipping… Or more like few files:
• One 1080 x 1920 pixel custom geofilter PNG image file
• PDF Image PROOF(s)
• Instructions on how to submit your shiny new geofilter to Snapchat

Bachelorette Party Personalized Custom Snapchat Geofilter Sassy Girly Lips Coral Pink Purple Rose Gold Silver Shiny Sparkly Metallic Foil

All you need after that is your best look and your phone!

To get in touch with Jason you can visit his Etsy store,
send him an email (
or reach out to him on Instagram @geo_snapchatfilters.
Jason has also agreed to grant each and every one of our readers 15% off!
Simply type in THEWOMENTEAM in the coupon area- and you’re set!
Have fun snapping 🙂

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