Your Very Own Fairy Doll House


It doesn’t matter if you are 5 years old or 55, people who love fairies will always love them!
I… Am simply one of those people!
I don’t know if I believe in all the myths and legends about fairies, however, I do believe in their concept, of being playful and passing positive energy around them. And for that reason I often search for fairy related products… And in one of these searches- I found Emma Cross.
Emma is the owner of MyTinyFairyDoorUK, and as you can guess by the name of her store- she makes fairy doors!

Now, fairy doors and other fairy accessories- are not a toy. They are pieces of well crafted wood that are meant to be used as ornaments, placed around your home for decoration or attached to vision boards.

Here are my favorite fairy doors from Emma’s beautiful Etsy boutique:

Each one of Emma’s wooden fairy doors can be personalized with your name on it, your family’s name or the name of your child! Each wooden fairy door comes with the best possible gift wrap- safe inside paper and plastic, making sure it will arrive to you in one piece- and will look magical!

Personalised Pink Pearl Fairy Door - Baby Pink Bunting - Custom & Handmade, Hand Painted Children's Christmas Gift Or Christening Gift - UK

If you likes Emma’s style and fairy-design you would be pleased to hear that she doesn’t only sell fairy doors on MyTinyFairyDoorUK, but also other fairy doll house accessories, like a wooden fairy bed, a fairy kitchen and more- that will help you create your very own fairy kingdom.

You can see more wooden fairy items, handmade by Emma, in her Beautiful Fairy corner on Etsy: MyTinyFairyDoorUK


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