Your Voice- On A Piece Of Jewelry (a gift that says I love You)


Love is all around us these days, with Valentine’s day just around the corner… However, true love doesn’t wait for Feb14th, but it’s here all around us all the time!

Catherine Yushina was a woman in love (and still is). In love with her husband- an army man. Her love has given her many joyful moments, but also hard ones- being so far away from each other on deployments.
As the two were looking for these special ways to say I love you- Catherine decided to take their own voices and create jewelry from them.

Voice wave jewelry?

Yes, totally!
Voice wave rings and voice wave pendents are what Catherine does these days, selling them in her Etsy store CYloveDesigns.

Sound Wave Necklace - 3D Printed Custom Jewelry - Personalized Voice Wave Necklace - Voice Recording Necklace - Couple Waveform Necklace

When you speak you can have a machine, computer or sound system, show you how your voice LOOKS like. Catherine takes your voice recordings, saying I love you, or I miss you, and uses their sound wave visual aspect- as a model for a piece of jewelry. The items in her store are just demos, as the real one you’ll be getting will be made to look- like you sound!

Find out more in her store CYloveDesigns!

Sound Wave Ring - 3D Printed Custom Jewelry - Personalized Voice Wave Ring - Voice Recording Ring - Ornament Waveform Ring

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