Zen Inspiring Jewelry and Home Decor- Perfect Gift For HER <3


If you’re looking for a great gift idea for HER- your wife, girlfriend, mother or sister- going with jewelry will never fail you!
Now, this is not a post about million dollar rings, but rather a small jewelry vendor from Georgia, USA, selling jewelry items on Etsy. Under the brand name EmenelleJewelryArt, there are actually two people- the lovely couple Megan and Wim.

In their Etsy store they sell a variety of jewelry items, alongside several wall art pieces on canvas.

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Their jewelry items are playful and eye catching, if the person you’re shopping for loves color and simplicity- this store would give you the best gift ideas this holiday season!
However, they also have a few interesting jewelry pieces that are deep when you look at them, as if you can see right through them.

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When you see the items on Megan and Wim’s store- you can see the love that was placed into each item, and realize- that this is why people love to buy on Etsy- to buy from real people, small businesses, and not from the bigger brands.

If you’re not a jewelry buff- Megan and Wim also offer their amazing canvas art in their Etsy store:

The View From Above Spray Paint Canvas Art :: Original Aerosol Painting :: Celestial Artwork :: Galaxy Wall Art :: Stretched Canvas Painting

You can visit Megan and Wim’s Etsy store, or check out their website right HERE!

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