10 Must Have Items This Summer

10 Must Have Items This Summer

Every girl knows that there are things she simply must have in her closet. That means- basic tees, a black dress, spagetti tanks and overall fits-with-everything jewelry. For that- The Women Team found you gals 10 must have items this Summer- shirts that will make any simply jeans look great, tanks for everyday wear or under a fancy blazer, and jewelry that will make a simple black get-up look fashionable. Ready to start?

#10- The French Style

A simple French Doggy shirt, a bit tight, with a fun angle to it.

#9- The American Tank

Going full on patriotic with the American flag printed over a beautiful boho-style tank top. MUST!

#8- The dog-loving-loose-top

A very loose and comfy oversize tshirt that states clearly who’s your best friend!

#7- The BEST ring ever!

Magical forest ring, a handmade item, designed especially for everyday wear and special occasions. Our recommendation- combine it with a simple white top and a piece of denim jeans!

#6- I am awkward!

Aren’t we all??

#5- Mom’s life…

If you’re a mom- this is a must have item in your closet! It’s awesome, especially for new moms, and would make the best baby-shower gift to your soon-t-be-mom-friend!

10 Must Have Items This Summer
10 Must Have Items This Summer

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