5 Tips To Achieve The Best Meditation

5 Tips To Achieve The Best Meditation

Meditation is a strong tool, but not everyone is using it. Though mostly assosiated with the east, nowadays meditation is a way of relaxation that has spread throughout the world, appealing to all ages, races, genders and economic levels. Some people prctice meditation 1 hour everyday, others do it before they go to sleep. Here are a few 5 tips to achieve the best meditation from me, from my personal 10 year experience, to help you meditate better:

1 – Create a safe environment

Creating the set for your meditaion is a crusial thing. Start by choosing a place where you know you can meditate without interaptions. Turn off your cellphone. If you live in a house with other people let them know not to disturb you in the next hour or so. If you a

2 – Wear clothes that make you feel clean

Meditation is all about clearing your mind and your soul, focusing for a minute, or two (Or an hour). It’s common in Yoga and meditation classes to bring white clothes with you, since white represents clean. As for me? I prefer a good shower and to wear something loose and pink. Loose in order to feel relaxed, and pink cause it’s my favourite colour.

3 – Think about the bad stuff

They normally say that in meditation you need to clear your mind. Some people say you are supposed to think of an amazing place, others say you need to try to think about nothing. For me? If I don’t go over everything bad that’s happend to me in my head- I cannot focus. So the first few minutes of my meditation are dedicated to my life stressers and the bad things. Once they are thought about- only than i can place them aside.

4 – Change positions

I like to start my meditation on my yoga mat, sitting with my legs crossed, but I change position every few minutes. From legs crossed I switch to 2 legs a head, from there I try different yoga positions, for as long as I can hold them.

5 – End with a breating exersize

As I said, I like to lie down at the end of the meditation, and just practice my breathing. Try this at home: inhale for 4 full seconds, than hold your breath for 2, and exhale for 4 more seconds. I do that routine for about 2 minutes to end my meditation.

5 Tips To Achieve The Best Meditation
5 Tips To Achieve The Best Meditation

Learn from a video

If you’ve never done meditation and want to know how to start, here’s a good video I found on Youtube on how to meditate:

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctore, nore a therapist of anykind.
These meditation tips are from my experience and mine only.

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