Accessories Anyone?

Accessories Anyone

Hey there ladies! Got some few cool accessories stores for you today… One very cool item for you joggers or travellers, few awesome phone cases that are amazingly stylish, and one cool store with the cutest jewellery I found online! Ready to start, accessories anyone?

Hip Appeal Etsy Store

If you are a jogger or a traveller than you know how important it is to have something comfortable on you in your trip (Long or short) to hold your valuables. I personally love to jog with music from my iPhone5C, but I hate wearing the arm-band for that. So I either place it in my pocket, if I have one, or hold it in my hand (Not very comfortable, broke it twice that way..). I leave my keys somewhere close to my apt and I don’t carry money on me or anything other than my phone.

Few days ago i ran into this cool Etsy store that sells the perfect solution for that- Hip Appeal. Designing cool and useful hip wraps, Hip Appeal will make sure you look stylish when you run- while keeping your phone, cash and keys in place! You can also use this cool slim “belt” when you travel abroad. Placing it under your shirt with your passport and cash inside will be a great solution if you are a person who tends to lose things- or afraid to get robbed. If you like to purchase this item, sent worldwide from California, you can click on the link here. More amazing colours inside the shop!

And Since We Talked About Cellphones…

Here’s a cool cover you can get for your little guy! (Your phone, I mean:))
Etsy store Trump Cases is selling amazing and stylish phone cases, for ALL phone types (iPhone, Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG and others…), and the seller, Rita Trump, sends them worldwide from Saint Petersburg, Russia. In today’s world- everyone’s hone looks the same… Rita’s covers will make yours stand out and truly express who you are, what you like and what you appreciate. Here are a few photos of her phone cases:
(Click on the pictures to get to her Etsy store, or simply click here)

Accessories Anyone
Accessories Anyone

Meet La Nouvelle Clothes & Accessories Store

Founded early on this year (2015) by French-American fashion designer and model Kimberley Elodie Banjoko, LA NOUVELLE boutique is an online store for all you ladies who’d love to get a bit more contemporary and FRENCH in their day to day… With amazing outfits, blouses, dresses, trousers and accessories, this store is truly unique! LA NOUVELLE boutique was founded as a way for Banjoko to express her love and passion for fashion and design. Her online store is a perfect fusion between the streets of Paris and USA style. Click on this amazing necklace to get to La Nouvelle’s online store:

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