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American diet: What is a typical American diet? Foods, menus, reviews

What is a typical American diet?

American diet, principles, permitted and prohibited foods in the American diet. Menu for 7, 13, and 21 days. The real criticism of those who have been relieved.

Being overweight can not only ruin your mood and appearance but also cause serious damage to your health. To find an attractive shape and dream image, first and foremost, you should reconsider your own diet. Today, there are simply a huge number of numerous strict and not very strict diets, including severe hunger strikes. These methods are aimed directly at burning your existing weight. There are more and more references to the American diet, and reviews of it are mostly positive.

What is a typical American diet?

Regardless of what kind of diet or method of losing weight, you must first consult a doctor or nutritionist. Only the right and balanced approach will help to solve the problem of being overweight and not harm one’s own health and minimize the likelihood of various negative consequences.

American or roller coaster is strictly prohibited for gastrointestinal diseases, including pregnant and lactating women. If there is a desire for rapid weight loss, then this technique is not suitable. This system is specially designed to move your own body well and gradually to the principles of proper and balanced nutrition.

Only a healthy diet, as well as moderate exercise, can actually solve problems beyond weight. The diet on the roller coaster has positive reviews because there are no strict or too strict requirements to put together your own menu. Therefore, it will be easy to adopt not only physically, but also psychologically correct nutritional rules.

For the American diet to be as effective as possible, you need to follow the following rules:

  • In the first half of the day, the main calorie intake should take place. Lunch should be your most calorie meal. After 5 pm, you have to completely refuse to eat, even if you really want to. It is because of this rule that you must make certain changes to your power and rest control. Better to go to bed earlier and get up earlier. In order for the body to get less stress, it is worth adjusting the rest schedule so that there is a 12-14 hour break between the last meal in the evening and breakfast.
  • It is desirable that the diet menu in the roller coaster be varied, in addition, in the American diet for weight loss, a fairly wide list of products is allowed. However, the diet should consist only of natural and healthy foods.
  • If there are no digestive problems, it is recommended to eat fresh fruits and vegetables with the skin. It is the skin that has a coarser structure and contains a large amount of plant fiber. As a result, intestinal motility is much better.
  • During the diet, it is recommended to take additional multivitamin complexes.
  • During the US diet, it is necessary to lose weight completely “heavy” fat.
  • We must not forget about proper drinking. Water helps to ensure proper and faster weight loss, no matter what kind of weight technology is used. Water helps to eliminate accumulated toxins, toxins, and other harmful substances from the body. You need to consume at least 1.5 liters of clean water a day. This volume needs to be evenly distributed between meals.
  • It is necessary to change daily life and diet. This step puts a lot of strain on the body and therefore it is recommended to go to the fresh air regularly to maintain health. We must not forget the benefits of good sleep, rest, and a charge of positive emotions.

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Prohibited foods on the American diet

In order for the American Professor Osama Hamdiy’s diet to yield maximum benefits and be effective,

It is necessary to stop such foods altogether:

  • During the diet, you need to stop completely black tea and strong coffee. Green and herbal teas are a great choice for regular drinks. These drinks not only help neutralize toxins but also have mild diuretics.
  • All sweets are strictly forbidden, including not only chocolate but also sweet fruits, pastries, and baked goods. It’s worth giving up a snack with burgers, sandwiches, and hot dogs.
  • Exclude from the American diet sugar, including its various substitutes.
  • Sweetened carbonated water and alcoholic beverages, including storage juices, are strictly prohibited as they contain high levels of sugar.
  • We have to give up fatty and fried foods; Fatty fish and meat are also banned. In order to lose not only weight but also to trust the result obtained, such rights must be abandoned forever.
  • Almost all types of grains are removed from the diet during the American diet to lose weight.
  • In order not to get rid of accidentally, it is recommended to remove various spices and seasonings from the diet. First of all, this applies to hot spices, as they stimulate the appetite, which can interfere with a strong feeling of hunger.

Allowed foods for the American diet

In fact, the American diet menu is quite varied and interesting. The list of permitted products is quite large,

So the food will be not only healthy but also tasty:

  • Fresh, steamed, and boiled vegetables. The only exceptions are legumes and root crops, as they contain large amounts of starch.
  • Bread and dark bread, food bread.
  • Sour berries and fruits. Can be eaten fresh, in jellies and salads, in the form of juices and fruit drinks, jellies, and purees. But sugar cannot be added, otherwise, the effect of the diet will not be.
  • Low-fat dairy products, skimmed milk.
  • The American diet allows the use of high-fat cottage cheese and chicken eggs.
  • Seafood with minimal fat. These include scallops, shrimp, mussels, oysters, and lobsters.
  • Diet of meat and fish. These include veal, beef, chicken, turkey, rabbit, haddock, hook, flounder, cod, pike, Pollock, and pike.

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American diet for weight loss

The roller coaster diet delivers a stunning but stiffer version of the method. The result is based on the constant stress of the body that is experienced on days with increased food load and Fridays. The author of the diet is Martin Catan, who has proven the success of the method from his own experience. In just 3 weeks of such nutrition, you can lose about 6-8 kg of excess weight. With a combination of diet and moderate exercise, you can achieve impressive results – lose more than 10 kg. But you should be more careful about sports. During your diet, you consume a minimum of calories that can have a negative effect on your overall health. Weakness, insomnia, headache, and dizziness occur. It is not recommended to recharge your body when it is in this condition.

American diet for 21 days

Every diet is very stressful in the first days of dietary changes. This leads to an increased metabolic rate, as a result of which the body gradually begins to get rid of the existing fats. However, soon the body adapts to new conditions, and the rate of fat burning decreases. After reaching a certain level, weight loss stops and weight loss stops. The US 21-day diet does not allow the body to relax. As a result, the rate of fat burning is the same as in the early stages of the diet.

The first version of the traditional American diet in 21 days:

  • For the first three days of the day, the total amount of calories consumed should not exceed 600 kcal.
  • Over the next three days, the total energy value of calories consumed per day should not exceed 900 kcal.
  • Then the calories increase gradually – over the next three days, no more than 1200 kcal.
  • Now the circle is closed – for the next three days, the daily caloric intake should not exceed 600 kcal. And the whole circle is repeated from the beginning.

The second version of the American diet, designed for 21 days:

  • For the first three days, the total number of calories should not exceed 600 kcal.
  • For the next four days, the daily caloric intake does not exceed 900 kcal.
  • For seven days – the daily caloric intake is not more than 1200 kcal.
  • The circle is closed and repeated from the beginning.

The diet is designed for 21 days. To maintain the result, it is recommended to consume no more than 1200 kcal per day after completing the diet.

American diet for everyday

The American diet for weight loss for the first 3 days:

  • Breakfast – low-fat cottage cheese (200 g);
  • Breakfast – unsweetened fruit or berries (200 g);
  • Lunch – a portion of lean vegetable soup, dried bran bread (2 slices);
  • Afternoon tea – fresh herbs, egg whites (4 pcs.);
  • Dinner – low-fat boiled fish (100 g).

Menu for roller coasters for the next 3 days:

  • Breakfast – porridge boiled in water (100 g), apples (1 pc.), herbal tea;
  • 2nd breakfast – low-fat cottage cheese (100 g), salad with cabbage and olive oil, some diet bread or bran bread (1 slice);
  • Lunch – boiled chicken or turkey meat (100 g), vegetable salad, meat can be replaced by low-fat boiled fish;
  • Afternoon snack – bran and low-fat kefir (200 ml);
  • Dinner–boiled shrimp (100 g), can be replaced by any seafood with low-fat content.

Diet of the last 3 days of the American diet:

  • Breakfast – porridge boiled in water (200 g) with the addition of vegetable oil (1 tablespoon), rye or bran bread (2 slices), tea;
  • Breakfast – natural yogurt or low-fat kefir (200 ml);
  • Lunch – baked or boiled vegetables with fish or meat (200 g), puree;
  • Afternoon snack – sweet and sour oranges (2 pcs.);
  • Dinner – fish (100 g), bread, and tea, fish can be replaced by cottage cheese or meat.

Menu of an American astronaut

This technique can also be called the Leo Bokeria diet. The technology is based on the principle of a sharp reduction in the carbohydrates consumed. Provided that this diet is strictly adhered to, in just 7 days you can lose about 3-5 kg ​​of excess weight.

The mainstays of the US astronauts’ 7-day diet are fish, poultry, and meat. In addition to the menu, dairy products and vegetables are introduced, but only those that contain a minimum amount of starch.

For your daily diet, you need to choose products based on the carbohydrate content. The author of the methodology has developed a grading system where products are evaluated in traditional units (traditional units). As a result, 1 g of carbohydrates is 1 cow. E.

The American score diet allows you to lose weight, but only if you do not consume more than 40 units per day. To trust the result obtained and after you have stopped dieting not to gain weight, you cannot exceed 60 points per day.

It is permissible to drink drinks strictly without added sugar, otherwise, the effect of the diet will not be.

American diet
American diet


  • Breakfast – sour cream 40 g (2 cups), homemade cottage cheese 100 g (3 cups), pancake 1 pc. ($ 8), natural unsweetened coffee ($ 0);
  • Breakfast – raspberry or strawberry 100 g (8 cups);
  • Lunch – cabbage soup with strong herbs, without potato 300 ml (6, 6 cups), chicken meatballs with spinach 1 pc. (3, 5 cows);
  • Dinner – grilled pork chops with vegetables 200 g (4 cups), fresh cherry tomatoes 100 g (3, 8 cups).
  • Only 38, 7 USD


  • Breakfast – omelet with mushrooms 250 g (6 cups), hard cheese 1 slice (2 cups), green tea without sugar (0 cups);
  • 2nd breakfast – peach 1 pc. (9 cows);
  • Lunch – chicken breast baked with herbs 200 g ($ 0), salad with cucumbers and olive oil 200 g ($ 6), black tea without sugar ($ 2);
  • Dinner – steak 200 g (2.5 cups), boiled vegetables 200 g (10 cups), green tea without sugar (0 cups).
  • Only 35, 5 USD


  • Breakfast – boiled eggs 2 pcs. (2 cups), lean ham 1 slice (0 cups), cottage cheese 9% 100 g (2 cups), green tea without sugar (0 cups);
  • 2nd breakfast – cottage cheese 100 g and strawberries 50 g (5, 5 cups);
  • Lunch – meat hodgepodge 300 g (5, 1 cups), Bulgarian pepper 100 g, and vegetable oil (5 cups);
  • Dinner – boiled bread 200 g (0 cups), salad with cucumbers and Chinese cabbage (4, 8 cups), kefir 100 ml (4, 1 cup).
  • Total: 32, 2 USD


  • Breakfast – tomato and scrambled eggs from 2 eggs (4, 7 cups), cheese (1 cup), green tea (1 cup);
  • 2nd breakfast – yogurt 10 ml (2, 6%), melon 50 g (8, 3 cups);
  • Lunch – salmon ear 200 g (4 cows), baked eggplant 100 g (4, 5 cows);
  • Dinner – boiled shrimp 100 g ($ 0), salad with boiled egg and spinach 200 g (2, $ 7).
  • Total: 25, 2 USD


  • Breakfast – Caesar salad with egg and chicken 50 g ($ 3), natural coffee ($ 0);
  • 2nd breakfast – orange 100 g (8 cups);
  • Lunch – grilled turkey fillets 200 g ($ 0), salad with cabbage, cucumber, carrots, and vegetable oil 100 g ($ 6);
  • Dinner – beef with cranberries (1, 4 cows), salad with cucumbers and tomatoes 150 g (5 cows).
  • Only 23, 5 USD


  • Breakfast – chicken liver 100 g and peppers with butter 50 g (3.5 cups), feta cheese 100 g (0 cups), black tea (0 cups);
  • 2nd breakfast – cottage cheese 100 g, apple 50 g ($ 7);
  • Lunch – ear 200 ml (4 cups), omelet with mushrooms (6, 5 cups);
  • Dinner – boiled eggs (1, 5 cups), canned mushrooms 200 g (2 cups).
  • Total: 24, 5 USD


  • Breakfast – boiled shrimp 200 g ($ 0), sauerkraut 100 g (4, $ 4);
  • 2nd breakfast – liver salad 100 g (3, 2 cu);
  • Lunch – pickle soup 250 ml (7, 3 cups), boiled fish 200 g (0 cups);
  • Dinner – grilled steak with herbs 250 g (2 cups), yogurt 100 ml (2, 6%), and apples 50 g (8, 5 cups)
  • Total: 25, 4 USD

American diet for 7 days

The food should include fresh vegetables with fruits, low-fat fish, and meat, including low-fat buttermilk and dairy products. Snacks are allowed – 1 lunch, 1-afternoon snack. If you are worried about feeling very hungry during a 7-day American diet, you can drink a glass of kefir, but only low-fat, eat lean cookies or mega-bread and drink tea without added sugar.


  • Breakfast – boiled eggs, herbal tea and toast, 1 orange or apple;
  • Lunch – non-fat cottage cheese (about 60 g), tomato, boiled fish 100 g;
  • Dinner – boiled meat 100 g, green vegetables, and salad, you can sprinkle lemon juice over.


  • Breakfast – toast and scrambled eggs, green or ginger tea with milk, and fresh fruit;
  • Lunch – cabbage liver 150 g, steamed or boiled vegetables, 1 tbsp. fat-free kefir;
  • dinner – vegetable salad with tomatoes, cabbage, and carrots, to dress 1 tbsp. l. olive oil, low-fat ham 50 g, bran bread, cottage cheese 50 g.


  • Breakfast – boiled eggs, toast, an hour with milk, orange, or apple;
  • lunch – baked meat 200 g, salad with fresh vegetables, a little lemon juice and vegetable oil for dressing, veal, bread, and 1 tbsp. tomato juice;
  • dinner – boiled squid 100 g, salad with peppers, tomatoes, and green onions, cottage cheese with herbs 100 g, 1 tbsp.


  • Breakfast – boiled eggs, herbal tea and toast, unsweetened fruit;
  • lunch – boiled fish 200 g, boiled spinach (150-200 g), carrots, green tea, and toast;
  • Dinner – lean meat 200 g, celery with lemon juice, low-fat yogurt, and apples.


  • Breakfast – boiled eggs, toast, chicory with milk, unsweetened fruit;
  • lunch – steamed meatballs 200 g, baked potatoes 1 pc., salad with tomatoes, carrots, and cabbage, seasoned with 1 tbsp. l. olive oil, bread, berry juice;
  • Dinner – baked fish 150 g, steamed vegetables, pear and apple (1 pc.), low-fat kefir 1 tbsp.


  • Breakfast – soft-boiled eggs, green tea, and tomatoes, unsweetened fruits;
  • Lunch – liver 150 g, boiled vegetables, cottage cheese 50 g, bran bread, puree;
  • dinner – boiled beef 200 g, tomatoes, carrots, radishes and salad, bread, apples, and yogurt.


  • Breakfast – boiled eggs, green tea and croutons, unsweetened fruit;
  • Lunch – cottage cheese with herbs 100 g, fish baked with vegetables, dark dried bread 2 slices, fresh fruit juice;
  • Dinner – ham and boiled eggs 100 g, salad with fresh vegetables and herbs 200 g, kefir, and apples.

American diet for 13 days

This diet is not as easy to maintain as it may seem. Therefore, you must be patient and remember that in just 13 days you can lose more than 5 kg of excess weight. However, such a result is only possible on the condition that a certain diet is strictly adhered to during an American diet for 13 days.

Monday (1st day):

  • breakfast – toast, herbs, vegetables, jam 1 tsp. of honey for herbal tea, orange or mandarin 1 pc .;
  • Lunch – turkey meat baked in the oven, vegetable salad with olive oil;
  • Dinner – steamed fish, boiled potatoes 100 g, vegetable salad.

Tuesday (2nd and 13th day):

  • Breakfast – boiled chicken fillets 100 g, toast, half a grapefruit;
  • Lunch-fresh celery and soft-boiled eggs 2 pcs., low-fat ham and toast, compote or tea;
  • Dinner – boiled vegetables and chicken breast, kefir 1 tbsp.

Wednesday (3rd and 12th day):

  • Breakfast – low-fat cottage cheese, 2 loaves of bread, tea, and apples;
  • lunch – boiled lean beef 200 g, black bread 1 slice, orange or pear 1 pc .;
  • Dinner – boiled eggs, toast and low-fat ham, tomato 1 pc.

Thursday (4th and 11th day):

  • Breakfast – muesli and skim milk, apples;
  • lunch – boiled rice 50 g, boiled chicken breast 100 g, salad, tomatoes and vegetables, olive oil, orange or mandarin for dressing;
  • Dinner – boiled fish 200 g, salad with feta cheese, tomatoes and fresh herbs, apples.

Friday (5th and 10th day):

  • Breakfast – jam and toast 2 pcs., herbal tea;
  • Lunch – steamed chicken breast with carrots 200 g, baked potatoes 1 pc, and grapefruit 1 pc.
  • Dinner – starchy ham 100 g, salad with carrots, cabbage, seasoned with olive oil, bread, and apples.

Saturday (6th and 9th day):

  • Breakfast – cottage cheese 50 g, jam and toast, green tea;
  • Lunch – grilled fish 200 g, boiled vegetables, and orange;
  • Dinner – seafood 200 g, fresh vegetables, and apples.

Sunday (7th and 8th day):

  • Breakfast – toast and boiled apples, milk 0.5 tbsp.
  • Lunch – liver 150 g, fresh vegetables, mandarin;
  • Dinner – chicken or beef 200 g, vegetable salad and orange.

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Reviews of those who have lost weight on the American diet

This method was used not only by ordinary girls but also by many famous personalities, which helped to get in good shape and lose weight in a relatively short time. Here are the most revealing reviews of the American diet.

Evgeniya, 25 years old

I just tried a large number of numerous diets, including hunger strikes. Each time the result was temporary and after returning to a normal diet, the weight returned. I decided to use the American diet, the weight loss was slow, but the effect lasted a long time. The main advantage for me was that now I can easily tolerate food shortages after 17.00 in the evening.

Anna, 30 years old

I chose a roller coaster diet for myself. The first three days were very difficult and it was incredibly difficult to endure them. But then everything went much easier and the weight started to melt fast. In just 14 days I lost 7 kg of excess weight. I was happy with the result and in a few months, I will go to another course.

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