Artistic Prints That are a True Celebration of Art


A lot of people think that Etsy, the online market for handmade goods, is only there for jewelry and knitted socks. The truth is- that Etsy is far bigger than that. In the past decade Etsy has become one of the top places to turn to when looking for art! Oil paintings, pencil art, acrylic works… And my favorite- prints of everything i just mentioned now!

Unique and talented graphic designers and painters are making it so easy and affordable for you to get a piece of their creativity into your home- and the artist behind Planet Potpourri is the best example for that!

In this unique little Etsy boutique I found so many styles- all beautiful on their own rights, prints in various sizes that will look good in any home, and amazing as a gift!

Here are my personal favorite prints from this store:

The owner of the shop shares their personal story with us in their bio:

I have been drawing and painting for nearly 40 years. During my undergraduate career, I received training in various art media and techniques, including acrylic, charcoal, clay, egg tempura, fresco, oil, and watercolor. I obtained a bachelor’s degree upon majoring in studio art and art history. Today, as was the case then, the world’s numerous cultures are my fascination and source of artistic inspiration.

Like what you see?
Go to Planet Potpourri Etsy shop for more!

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