Bags And Wallets Online Shopping

Bags And Wallets Online Shopping

Hey there my little shopping pals, I have got some new items to recommend for you today! This post is all about unique designs of bags and wallets. For that I have found dozens of cool items with wholesale prices on AliExpress, and 2 unique Etsy stores that will be able to provide you with the best handmade accessories that are simply one of a kind! Are you ready to start?

Let’s talk BAG

A woman’s bag needs to fit everything she needs to have on her during the day. If you are carrying a laptop- you’ll need a bag big enough to hold one, if you’re just carrying some personal items- you can use a smaller bag. Some women like the multiple spaces bag, with different slots for everything, other prefer a big backpack with 1 space to throw everything inside. Here are some of the cool bags I have found on AliExpress: (Click on the bag you like to see how much it costs and find out shipping options to your country)


Bags And Wallets Online Shopping
Bags And Wallets Online Shopping

These bags might be amazingly beautiful, but you need to remember that they are mass-produced and everyone you know might end up having one. If you are looking for a bag that says more about your unique style and will be only yours, you can check out this Etsy store called Veselunka. The store offer a large variety of handmade crochet items, with this bag included:

The store ships worldwide from Ukraine, and you can see more of their amazing crochet items here!

The wallet within the bag

Now that you have found the bag you love, it’s time for some wallet shopping! Like bags, wallets are also meant to serve a purpose, making their purchase first an act of need, and later an act of true style. Your wallet should fit your ID, driver’s license, credit cards and money. If you have a large amount of coins always on you, or have a lot of membership cards- you’ll need a bigger wallet. Here’s what I could find on AliExpress:


I have to say it again- I love my job! (JK). But, srsly, there are so many amazing wallets online that you can’t even choose! Lucky for you, I didn’t stop with just AliExpress and went to Etsy for some handmade love! Shipping to the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, this Etsy store is called MadebyKristyC and you will be able to find there the best wallets ever made by man! (Or in this case- woman!). The stores shows more products than just wallets, but I was so impressed with their wallets and unique quality that I just had to share some images for you to see for yourselves!

Make sure to check out Kristy’s store before you leave, and happy shopping to you my dears!

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