Beads, Jewelry Findings, Chains & Vintage Treasures

It seems like Ellen & her Etsy store, GatheringSplendor,has been around since forever!
After opening her Etsy shop back in 2009, Ellen has sold more than 76K items all relating to women’s favorite accessory- jewelry!

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I think one of the reasons that Ellen’s store is so successful is that it has 3 types of people who’d be interested in it and it’s products: – People looking for beautiful jewelry that have a vintage appeal – Women looking for their own little DIY project and want to create a piece for personal use

– & Anyone who’s into jewelry making that needs to get unique and vintage beads for their work.

With more than 1300 different listings, Ellen’s store, GatheringSplendor, is a unique corner of Etsy that allows you to browse freely and choose the EXACT thing you’ve been looking for.

As someone who ADORES making her own jewelry and getting rare and antique pieces- here are some of my favorite items from Ellen’s Etsy shop– (Trust me, it was hard picking just these ones!)

Remember- since we’re dealing with a lot of Vintage jewelry pieces- some of Ellen’s listings are one of a kind and could only be sold once.

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