Beautiful Handmade Jewelry for Natural Glamour

If you’re looking for the next piece of bling to add to your accessories drawer- may I recommend Devon?
Devon W is the jewelry designer and creator behind the amazing jewelry pieces you’ll see on AmeraCentric Etsy shop!

In her shop you’ll find unique handmade items like GLOW IN THE DARK stud-earrings, dangle earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Using materials like Resin and natural gemstones in her work- I have to say- I am in love!

Here are some of my favorite items from Devon’s available collection:

In the shop’s BIO, Devon had some interesting and inspiring words to say about her shop, her designs, and her general agenda behind her Etsy endeavoures:

AmeraCentric is a brand that believes that every woman should feel like a princess surrounded by grace and royalty at all times. With time the definition of beauty, grace and self confidence will evolve as we ourselves evolve. This happened to me. I found myself lost between who we used to be and who I was striving to become. The good news is, I eventually hit that sweet spot where were I began to get in touch with my own beauty and comfortable in my own skin. Surprisingly, the sweet spot began with gaining a holistic understanding of my mind and body.

Her shop is dedicated to using materials that were created by nature, not only to deepen our connection with it, but also to help us see- we could all be princesses when we embrace it!

If you like to see more of Devon’s work-
visit her Etsy shop- AmeraCentric

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