Can I use Midjourney for free?

Can I use Midjourney for free?

Midjourney, an AI-based image generation tool, offers limited free access under specific conditions. To use Midjourney for free, you need a Discord account and an invite to its beta. Initially, there was an option for a limited trial of 25 jobs, and users could switch to the “/relax” command to get extra credits or use the open-source model “prompthero/midjourney-v4-diffusion.” However, it’s important to note that free users are not granted commercial usage rights​​.

As of recent updates, the official Midjourney no longer provides a free trial for new users. However, an alternative website,, offers 20 free usage opportunities for Midjourney, allowing users to generate up to 20 images without any conditions attached​​.

Despite these offerings, Midjourney is primarily a paid service. The service, which initially allowed anyone to generate 25 images for free when it first launched in July 2022, has since shifted its model. Free trials were suspended in late March 2023 due to abuse, although the developers have brought them back for brief promotional periods, particularly to mark the release of new versions. They have expressed intentions to fully reinstate the free trials at some point, but there is currently no specified timeframe for this​​​​.

In summary, while there are limited ways to use Midjourney for free, these opportunities are quite restricted and do not include commercial rights. The service has transitioned more towards a paid model, with free trials being offered only occasionally and under specific conditions.

Examples of use Midjourney for free

Using Midjourney for free, within the limitations of its trial or promotional offerings, allows for a range of creative applications. Here are a couple of examples illustrating how you might use these free opportunities:

  • Personal Art Projects: If you’re an artist or hobbyist looking to explore new visual ideas, Midjourney can be an invaluable tool. You could use your free trials to generate unique artwork, like digital paintings, concept art, or abstract designs. This can be especially useful for generating inspiration, experimenting with different styles, or visualizing ideas that are hard to sketch manually.
  • Educational Purposes: Students or educators in fields like graphic design, digital media, or art can use Midjourney to understand the capabilities and limitations of AI in creative processes. For example, a student could use Midjourney to create visual representations of historical events, literary scenes, or scientific concepts. Teachers might incorporate these images into their lesson plans to engage students visually.

It’s important to remember that the free trials and promotional periods typically do not grant commercial usage rights. This means that while you can use Midjourney for personal, educational, or experimental purposes, using the generated images for commercial projects or selling them is not allowed under these free access terms. Also, keep in mind the number of images you can generate for free is limited, so planning your projects accordingly to make the most out of these opportunities is advisable.

Some Free Version Midjourney

As of my last update in November 2023, there are a few ways to access Midjourney for free, albeit with certain limitations:

  • Limited Trial on Discord: If you have a Discord account and access to the Midjourney beta, you can use a limited trial version. This trial typically allows you to create a certain number of images (around 20 to 25) for free.
  • Promotional Periods: Occasionally, Midjourney offers free access during promotional periods or to mark the release of new versions. These opportunities are time-bound and offer a limited number of image generations.
  • Alternative Websites: Websites like provide a limited number of free usage opportunities for Midjourney, where you can generate a certain number of images without any conditions.
  • Open-Source Model: You might also explore using the open-source model “prompthero/midjourney-v4-diffusion” for free image generation, although this might require more technical know-how.
  • “/Relax” Command: In the past, users could use the “/relax” command within the Midjourney platform to receive extra credits for image generation. The availability of this feature may vary based on current policy.

It’s important to note that all these free versions come with certain restrictions, primarily around the number of images you can generate and the prohibition of commercial use of these images. The terms and availability of these free options can change, so it’s recommended to check the latest updates from Midjourney’s official sources or community platforms.

Can I use Midjourney for free?
Can I use Midjourney for free?


In conclusion, using Midjourney for free offers a valuable opportunity for individuals interested in exploring the capabilities of AI-driven image generation, albeit with certain limitations. While the initial offering of a free trial that allowed the creation of up to 25 images has been curtailed, alternative methods, such as limited promotional periods or specific websites offering limited free uses, still exist.

These free trials are particularly beneficial for personal and educational purposes. They enable artists, students, and educators to experiment with AI-generated visuals, foster creative inspiration, and understand the intersection of technology and art. However, it’s crucial to note that these free uses do not include commercial rights, restricting the usage of generated images to non-commercial activities.

Overall, Midjourney’s free access, though limited, provides a glimpse into the potential of AI in creative fields. It serves as an accessible entry point for those curious about AI art generation, encouraging experimentation and learning. As Midjourney and similar technologies evolve, the landscape of digital art and design continues to expand, offering new tools and possibilities for creators of all levels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about use Midjourney for free

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about using Midjourney for free:

Can I use Midjourney without paying anything?

Yes, you can use Midjourney for free, but with limitations. This includes a limited number of image generation jobs (usually around 20 to 25), primarily for personal or educational use, and without commercial rights.

Do I need a special invitation to access the Midjourney free trial?

Initially, a Discord account and an invite to the Midjourney beta were required. However, this may vary based on current offerings and promotional periods.

Are there any restrictions on the images I can create using the free trial?

Yes, the free trial typically restricts the number of images you can generate. Additionally, commercial usage rights are not included in the free trial, meaning you cannot use the images for commercial purposes.

How do I access Midjourney’s free trial?

The availability of free trials varies. Previously, you could access it via a Discord invite to Midjourney. Currently, alternative websites like offer limited free uses.

Can I use the images created during the free trial for my business or commercial project?

No, images created during the free trial are typically not licensed for commercial use. They are intended for personal or educational purposes only.

Will Midjourney bring back its free trial option?

Midjourney has had periods where the free trial was suspended and then briefly brought back for promotional reasons. There’s an intention to reinstate the free trials, but there’s no specific timeline for when this will happen.

What happens after I use up my free trial images in Midjourney?

Once you’ve used up your free trial images, you’ll need to subscribe to one of Midjourney’s paid plans to continue using the service for image generation.

Is there any way to extend the free trial or get additional free images in Midjourney?

Previously, users could extend their trials or get additional credits using specific commands like “/relax”. However, these options might change depending on Midjourney’s current policies.

Remember, the specifics of Midjourney’s free trial and usage terms can change, so it’s a good idea to check their official website or current user guidelines for the latest information.











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