Contemporary Pop Art, Portraits & Custom Paintings by Richard Day

While some people think that Etsy, the online market for handmade goods, is only there to sell us handmade jewelry, others have already found out that this platform is the “home” of several true artistic people, one being- Richard Day.
Living and working in Norwich, UK, Richard has a degree in Fine Art from the University of Suffolk, and his contemporary paintings and famous people portraits show us all what a person with true talent can do with good art education.

The unique inspiration behind Richard’s works

If you look into his shop you’ll see that Richard doesn’t make “ordinary” portraits, although he uses the basic materials needed and best acrylic paint brands, but has his own unique style and way of painting- that makes him all that special.
He writes about his inspiration in his shop:

My style of painting is a combination of my passion for street/graffiti art mixed with my love of traditional portraiture. My main source of inspiration is music, particularly musical performance. I do my best to re-create the energy and atmosphere of a live musical event, by using a combination of bright colours, abstract lines and splatters of paint.

His paintings are perfect to decorate the walls of any room, especially work/study rooms, where creativity is mandatory!. They are also great as a gift for someone who truly admires someone, with portraits available of famous and talented people like: David Bowie, Muhammad Ali, Prince, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and more!

If you like this type of art-
get social with Richard and his paintings!
His Instagram account is one of the most inspiring I’ve seen, with so many images of his work, the painting process

and his personal life

Visit RichardDayStudio on Etsy for more!

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