Cool Clothes DIY Ideas

Cool Clothes DIY Ideas

Sometimes you just feel like getting creative and create your own wardrobe and make something unique that only you’ll have! And for these moments- I made this post with cool clothes DIY ideas for you to do!

Let’s start easy and Make a Skirt!

Skirts are probably the easiest thing to make by yourself, so this tutorial should cover everything you’ll need to know! You can also choose a shorter fabric and DIY your own mini skirt!

Easy to make- Classy dress

If you want to make a dress to impress– here’s your way! You can make amazing dresses and long tees from pillow casings, or a piece of fabric using this tutorial:

I recently even made my own dress from this sort of video (you can see me wearing it for a party on the featured image of this post), with a nice stretch fabric, and gave it a little bit more “space” in the breast area… I don’t have a lot of good pictures of that- but this baby got me a lot of compliments (and a herd of women asking me where did I buy it from):

Reversing the Pillow-Dress tutorial

And making a pillow casing from an old shirt- isn’t it cool?

Do you like crocheting?

Crocheting can be a lot of fun! It’s one of the best therapies in the world, and if you know what you’re doing- you could make amazing things! Now, learning the actual action in crocheting is not the complex, but how about knowing how to use your technique and actually making things?

For that I found the perfect Etsy store- with instant download of full crochet instructions for amazing items! The store is called KrohshayAndSuch and since it’s an instant download product- you can order from anywhere in the world and don’t need to wait for shipping (or pay for it). In this store you can learn how to make tank-tops, sweaters, special carpets and even baby clothes! Here’s what I would make if I knew how to crochet/knit:

Cool Clothes DIY Ideas
Cool Clothes DIY Ideas

So- what DIY project are you gonna do next ??

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