Coserz – Custom Cosplay Costumes For True Princesses

The clock will strike midnight in just a few hours… Your carriage will turn back into a pumpkin, your fancy ball gown will wither into the rugs you wore all day, and that one shoes would be forever gone.
If you have no idea what I am talking about- you need to get a new childhood pronto!!

The fairytale of Cinderella is one of the most romantic and beautiful stories that we have all grown up wanting for ourselves… That love at first site, the opportunity to meet a real prince and have him see us for more than what we are.
Fairytales might be magical and well-written- but along the magic and the unbelievable things that could happen (like a taking candle holder)- there are some real human desires- the need to be loved, the need to be seen, the idea that someone would prefer us over anyone else… And that’s what being a fairytale princess is all about!

Cosplay time

If you like attending cosplays, or if you’re looking for a special costume for this pending Halloween- why not go ahead and become a true princess- with Coserz!

Coserz is a pretty awesome online store that can turn you into a real princess. But don’t worry- you get to keep your dress on even after midnight !

You could be Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Queen Elsa from Frozen, Snow white- and any other princess you can think of!
With special dresses from our fairytale villains, and with a few honorable mentions in the men’s section- you could also make up a pretty good couple’s costume out of Coserz Princess Cosplay store online!

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A special mention for this one of a kind modern day princess- Wonder Woman!

Special Coupon code: Coserz10%off To automatically enjoy 10% off entire order when ordering over $159-

and FREE rushed shipping for rush fees! So you could have these costumes in your hand by Halloween! Hurry up and visit Coserz today!

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