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Craziest Cookies Ever!

Craziest Cookies Ever

Well, I hope you girls all love COOKIES as much as I do- cause if you do- you will fall in love with this Etsy store with the craziest cookies ever!

From Russia with Love

Etsy store Mad Cookie RU is shipping handmade cookie cutters all the way from cold Russia. The shipments are worldwide, making sure any house could have the perfect cookies they have always dreamed about. I know that cookie cutters might not sound like a post-worthy idea to most of you, but that’s only cause you are used to the regular cookie cutters. Heart shaped or star shaped cookie cutters are out- creative cookie cutters are in. Just like the kind of cutters Mad Cookie RU Etsy store has to offer.

With Mad Cookie RU I found cookie cutters shaped like: characters from The Simpsons, Sponge Bob, Pacman and many other TV shows, as well as cookies shaped like symbols from Harry Potter and Game Of Thrones. You can purchase cookie cutters from various collections, or get discounted prices for purchase a full collection (Like the Pacman collection).

What I loved most about Mad Cookie RU is that they show you how the cookies are going to look like- after baking a bach themsleves using that very cutter, as you can see here with our dear Sponge Bob:

Craziest Cookies Ever
Craziest Cookies Ever

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